Integrate banking products into your company’s value creation process

Expand your company’s product offering with banking services of your choice. Easy integration into your company’s digital customer journey thanks to modern infrastructure with modular offerings and automatic processing.

These pioneers rely on us

The products of HBL Solutions

HBL Solutions helps you to integrate automated banking services for your customers into the digital customer journey of your company. The sovereignty over the customer communication and maintenance of the customer relationship remains with you.


A private account for your customers is the basis for expanding your company’s value creation process with financial services. Each customer gets his or her own bank account, which can be connected to your company’s app via an open interface.


Mastercard payment cards can be customized with your company’s logo and design. One or two cards are available for each customer account. For payments in online or physical stores. And everywhere where Mastercard is accepted.


Hypothekarbank Lenzburg takes care of the money transfers from your customers’ account to your company’s account. The professional banking infrastructure ensures secure and correct execution. Your company’s customers will see the transactions in your company’s app.

Securities portfolio

Offer your clients a securities portfolio and enable them to buy and sell securities. Hypothekarbank Lenzburg is responsible for portfolio and transaction management.

Provisions pillar 3a

Private pension plans under pillar 3a are becoming increasingly important because they are not affected by the redistribution mechanism of the 2nd pillar. This is how you bind your customers to your company in the long term. Numerous pension products are available.

Other services

As building blocks for your company’s open finance ecosystem, a whole range of other services are available that can be embedded in your company’s processes. We will be happy to explore the possibilities with you.

Banking products with all the trimmings

HBL solutions is backed by Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, which provides the banking services as a regulated Swiss bank with its open banking platform Finstar. The bank delivers process stability, settlement quality and ensures compliance with regulatory requirements.

We provide you with our banking license for the banking products of your company. We have a banking license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and are prudentially supervised. Compliance with regulatory obligations is our business, you can fully concentrate on the development of your products and services.

The onboarding tool from HBL Solutions is one of the most powerful in Switzerland (already over 160 000 account openings in Switzerland) and meets all regulatory requirements. A fully developed version with front and back end is available. However, you can also develop the front end according to your own design criteria.

Wherever payments are involved, money laundering and transaction monitoring obligations must be complied with. The professionals at the settlement bank and banking partner Hypothekarbank Lenzburg ensure compliance with all legal standards.

As a fully regulated bank, Hypothekarbank Lenzburg is affiliated with the Esisuisse deposit protection scheme. This means that bank deposits of up to CHF 100,000 are protected against default. The protection is regulated by law.

If your company has an account with Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, payments for product purchases at your company are made immediately. A few seconds after the product purchase, you can dispose of the money as a partner of HBL Solutions. For transfers to third-party banks it may take longer.

Success stories

Video Findependent

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With the self-developed onboarding front end, we were able to increase the onboarding conversion rate by around 20 percent.
Matthias Bryner

Matthias Bryner

Founder Findependent AG

Video Matthias Frieden

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The fact that we were able to implement a solution with Hypothekarbank Lenzburg in 2021 for the integration of the rental deposit account into the Flatfox customer journey was and is a milestone for us.
Matthias Frieden

Matthias Frieden

Former CEO Flatfox AG

Video Jan-Philip Schade

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Kaspar& works with Hypothekarbank Lenzburg because they were incredibly sympathetic to us from minute one. All discussions are about understanding our business model and thinking about how Hypothekarbank Lenzburg can step in as an enabler and present us with new opportunities
Jan-Philip Schade

Jan-Philip Schade

CEO Kaspar&

Video Jörg Sandrock

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In Hypothekarbank Lenzburg, we have a partner with whom we were able to enter the market quickly and from whose IT and experience we benefit.
Jörg Sandrock

Jörg Sandrock

Neon Switzerland AG

How the integration works

Banking services from HBL Solutions can be easily integrated into your company’s systems thanks to the Finstar Open Banking API. HBL Solutions accompanies you step by step on this path.

Personal care

The HBL Solutions team has several years of experience integrating banking services into third-party value chains in the areas of customer onboarding, cards, accounts, payments and pensions.

Open interface architecture

Our RESTful API has more than 200 end points that you can use to integrate numerous banking services into your company’s system. Through this open interface architecture, you can query your customers’ banking data, authorize the use of banking services and display the banking data in the customer front end (app).

Data centers in Switzerland

Our data centers with high security standards are located in Switzerland. The systems we use to process your banking services are operated here. Maintenance and development work as well as system updates are carried out by us, so the services for your company are always up to date.

Sandbox for testing purposes

A test environment (sandbox) is available to the partner companies of HBL Solutions for testing purposes. This allows you to test your system for the suitability of your projects and gain initial experience in the world of open finance.

Embedded finance

«The advantage from the end customer’s point of view is that payments can be initiated directly where you do business. So we have a much better user journey and are much more customer-centric.»

Manu Spillmann

HBL Solutions

Manuela Spillmann HBL Solutions

Improve the shopping experience of your customers

With the Banking-as-a-Service offering from HBL Solutions, you can integrate classic banking offerings into your company’s value creation processes. This brings various advantages.

Technological leadership

Embedded finance is not yet widespread in Switzerland. Those who offer their customers their own payment cards with bank accounts and other banking services benefit from a technological image boost.

Better user journey

With embedded finance offers, your customers can initiate payments directly where they make their purchases. There is no need to go to the bank. This makes things easier and increases customer satisfaction.

Uncomplicated and fast

We act in a solution-oriented manner, see ourselves as an enabler and have built up a leading and powerful open banking infrastructure with numerous fintech partners since 2017. This enables us to implement marketable products relatively quickly and easily.

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